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1st bet refunded

1st bet refunded

Place your 1st bet (within 15 days after your 1st deposit).

If you lose, ZEbet refunds you up to 100€ :
- 50% of your 1st bet immediatly (up to 50€ freebets).

- the remaining 50% after your player account validation (up to 50€ freebets, once your documents are checked and your validation code entered).

How does it works ?

I place a 1st bet of 100€
If you lose, i get 50€ freebets immediately and the remaining 50€ at my player account approval. If the bet is won, i earn my stake x the odds of my bet.

GOOD NEWS : With ZEbet, everybody can benefit the Extra Time Pack.
Whether your 1st bet is winning or losing.
Extra Time Pack

Losing stakes refunded

During 2x30 days after your player account approval, your losing bets are refunded up to 50€.

(Up to 25€ refunded each 30 days, 10% of your losing bets will be refunded up to 50€ over this period).

How does it works ?

During the first 30 days after my player account validation, I bet and lose 240€.
JI earn 24€ freebets the day after the end of this period.

During the the 2nd period of 30 days, I bet and lose 250€.
I earn 24€ freebets the day after the end of this period.
Terms and conditions :