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More information

Secure deposit and withdrawal

To offer greater security to its users, Zeturf has developed a technical infrastructure from the interbank system. The strict rules for registration and deposit/withdrawal, such as the selection of our partners, gives our members the security of betting on a fully protected system. (see the heading "Secure payments")
The Internet connection which transport your private data: user name, password, credit card number, betting informations...are totally protected with a SSL 256 bits encoding system. It prevents people from reading or modifying your informations on the internet.

SSL 128 bits

The SSL 256 bits (Secure Socket Layer) is the most widespread security system on internet. 256 bits is the highest encoding level allowed by the European laws.
To preserve the security, integrity and confidentiality of your information (personal data, bank or betting information), ZEturf is using a 256 bits encoding system for the entire opening accounts service, betting process and account management.
To check the SSL 256 bits compatibility of your navigator: For PC Internet Explorer, click in the Navigation tool on "?", then select "About Internet Explorer" in the drop - down menu.

On this page, you can read the encoding level of your navigator. If it's lower than 128 bits, you must download the good version.
For Macintosh Internet Explorer, all versions are compatible.
If your Internet navigator version does not allow this encoding, you can download it.

How to supply your protected account

To supply your ZEturf account, in the best safety conditions , ZEturf set up a an additional procedure: the CVV2. The CVV2 is an additional key control located on the back of your credit card. They are the last threefigures of the registered number in the signature panel.

Security tricks

In a certain type of navigator , your user name and password could remain stored in the memory. For security reasons, you should remove this functionality in order to prevent a person using your computer to have access to yourZEturf account. ZEturf and its employees will never ask you to reveal your password. There are no EXCEPTIONS to this safety policy. If somebody asks for your password through telephone or email, or on another web site, please decline and bring immediately your case to contact@ZEturf.com

How do we protect your information ?

When you place a bet or reach information of your ZEturf Account, you are using automatically a protected server. The protected software server (SSL) encode all the incoming data before being sent. We follow strict procedures of security regarding storage and information disclosure that you transmitted to us, in order to avoid any unauthorized access.

Are your informations transmitted to thirds ?

ZEturf does not sell or rent your personal data to any third parties.

How can you modify your information on our web site ?

You have a right to access and correct your personnal data. Just click on "My account". In order to ensure an optimum level of confidentiality, certain information cannot be modified on line. We invite you to contact us if you wish to modify them: webmaster@ZEturf.com

Is my personal data protected ?

We maintain physical and electronic security measures, and also procedures concerning collection, conservation and communication of personal customers information. Our safety procedures could lead us to ask for an identity justification before being able to give you your personal information. It is important to protect yourself against an unauthorized access to your password and computer. If you are sharing a computer, you must disconnect yourself after each use. For all requests or additional information concerning our Policy about protections of your personal data, write to us. We know that you are vigilant with using your personal information. We thank you for trusting ZEturf who respects scrupulously your confidentiality.

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