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Confidencialtity policy

ZEturf has done everything to ensure its customers an optimum level of confidentiality.


To bet with ZEturf, you must register and fill in the following information:
  • Title
  • Surname and firstname
  • Date of birth
  • Address:
  • Email address
To deposit money on your ZEturf account with your credit card, you will have to fill in the following information:
  • Surname and firstname of the card holder
  • Credit card number
  • Expiry date of the credit card
  • Card verification code
Your credit card number is directly transmitted to the banking organizations in charge of our transactions. It does not go through our services. Therefore, ZEturf cannot access your card number and cannot keep it. If you want to withdraw your winnings by bank transfer, you will have to give us the following information:
  • Surname and firstname of the account holder
  • The bank name
  • IBAN Number
  • BIC
Before withdrawing your winnings for the first time on the account which references you gave us, you will have to send us the documentary evidence of your identity (ID card or passport). Thanks to these documents, you can be sure that the money will be sent to you.


All the above information are exclusively entered by the company.
Your information is kept in our Maltese servers and are encrypted.
For security reasons, your personal data is not transmitted to any third without your specific agreement. To make the elucidation of a fraud or a manipulation of bets easier, we can give your personal data to any organization (bank organization or other type) to solve the problem. www.zeturf.com fulfils every legal measures linked to recording and processing of your personal data. If your account is closed, your personal data will be deleted once the security time has expired, which means, usually, three months. It should be kept for your security, in case of a legal action, to guarantee your rights.


The minors (under 18) cannot bet with ZEturf. That is why the company asks you to confirm that you are 18 or more, and to fill in your birth date when registering. Moreover, when you first withdraw from your ZEturf account, the company asks for a documentary evidence of your identity. If a user is minor, all the transactions (losing and/or winning bets) made from this account would be deleted. The user would be excluded and his/her account would be closed.


In order to guarantee you the best protection of your data, the company uses all the available technological security measures.


In order to protect your data during the communication with your Internet browser, the company uses safe and controlled encryption methods of Thawte®. Moreover, the online transactions are protected by a security system that is extremely safe and that is from a worldwide known partner.


In order to prevent a third from illegal access to your account, the IP address of the connected computer is entered and saved.Obviously, the company's data is protected from non-authorized access by a Firewall system - a computer that is provided with a highly elaborate security system built to protect the company's network on Internet. The company also uses internal security mechanisms combined with a restrictive security system.


Registered users can modify or correct their personal data after logging in their account (email, mobile phone number, Skrill user name). Some data will be modified after documentary evidence are sent (documentary evidence of address, of bank details)...Some fields cannot be modified (Title, Name, Surname, date of birth, User name, weekly deposit limit, forum nickname).
If you have other questions regarding data protection and confidenctiality, please contact us :
ZEturf customer care.

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